The Complete Guide To Improving Your Vaping Satisfaction

The Complete Guide To Improving Your Vaping Satisfaction

For many, vaping is the new way to take in cannabis. From the popularity of this method, it seems that it will be here to stay. Vaping is becoming something of a lifestyle, and if you haven’t tried this method yet, I can assure you that you are missing on something extraordinary.

This article is for the people who have already started vaping and are looking to get more from their vaping experience and to improve their satisfaction.

Why Vaporizers Are Becoming so Popular

By the end of September 2014, the sales of vaporizers exceeded the sale of e-cigarettes and the trend hasn't reversed since.  Visiting a vape shop can be somewhat intimidating. How do you make a decision out of all those devices of all shapes and sizes? How do you know you are getting quality products?

Many cannabis consumers who switch to vaping cite the change as a way to help them quit smoking. Unlike cannabis, which has documented benefits, particularly with a CBD-heavy strain, cigarettes are extremely harmful to your body.  Each person has a different experience when they vape and this can be brought about by a number of factors. These factors include the quality of the weed you're vaping, the quality of the vaporizer, the flavor, the temperature variations in the vaporizer and so on. This might seem like a lot to wrap your head around, but allow us to cut through the noise and show you how you can improve your vaping experience.

Get a Quality Vaporizer

Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your vaporizer. Most people do not get the full benefits of vaping, due to faulty or poor-quality equipment. If you want to have the best experience, you need to be prepared to invest some money into a quality device. With the increase in excitement and surge in popularity of vaping, companies have cropped up everywhere to make cheap, knock-off products. Not only are they potentially harmful to your health, these poor-quality devices will never allow you to have the experience you deserve.

That said, you do not need to break the bank to enjoy your experience. You can still find some high-quality devices locally for a decent price. The local marijuana dispensary or vapor shop would be a great place to start, as they will be able to offer advice. There are also options to upgrade your current device through purchasing accessories that are compatible with the device. You might be surprised how a simple action like changing your bowl or drip-tip can increase the level of satisfaction you can have from your current device.

Prep Your Taste Buds Before, During and After Vaping

Many people love to vape because they are provided with a wide selection of aromas which make for a more pleasurable experience. Have you ever heard of 'vaper's tongue'? It is a condition that results after much vaping and it robs the user the satisfaction of enjoying their experience after some time. To keep enjoying your session, you would need to prepare your taste buds before, during and after you finish your sesh.

A simple way to do that is to ensure that you take lots of water and keep rinsing your mouth after you vape. It gets rid of the heavy aroma of what you just took in and prepares them for another session and when you hit the vaporizer again, it will feel heavenly.

Keep Your Device Clean

Do you clean your device? The answer should be an obvious yes, but many people do not take the time to clean their devices. The argument here is that since you will be using the device for same stash, what’s the need to keep cleaning it up?

Well, if you want to improve your vaping satisfaction, you will have to clean the device pretty routinely. This especially applies for those who like changing the flavor on a regular basis. There's a good chance that some debris of the previous sesh could be sticking inside the tubes or drip-tip. If you add a new flavor, the experience will be affected by the debris. If you want it pure, get rid of the old crap and vape the right way.

Learn How to Regulate Temperatures The Right Way

Vaporizers work on the concept of heating the cannabis to a point where they produce a vapor. This means that unlike smoking, combustion does not work inside a vaporizer. You should know that cannabis produces different types of cannabinoids depending on the temperature. For instance, we have THC forming at low temperature and CBD coming through at relatively higher temps. Depending on what you want to achieve, you will need to regulate the temperature the right way. The cannabinoid CBD has been documented to have great health benefits and is ideal for people looking to treat some form of ailment without getting too high.

THC is the cannabinoid responsible for getting you that mellow high. Remember that these add-on flavors also manifest when they are heated at different temperatures. Also, temperatures will vary depending on the kind of stuff you are vaping. For instance, dry herbs require a relatively higher temperature range to manifest compared to liquid cannabis or wax.

To get the best out of your device, read the user manual and learn how to regulate these temperatures so that you can release what you need, when you want it.

Go With What Pleases You

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what pleases you. With the wide selection and variety of these devices on the market, just go with what's right for you. Today, companies are making vaporizers to suit the lifestyle, artistic and aesthetic needs of their clientele. If it makes you feel good, and it works just right, it can probably offer you a great experience. 

By Joseph Lama  |  Jul 28, 2018  |  Learn